"Fire Lux" is a company specializing in the production of biofireplaces. The products are mobile and can be beautiful interior addition to your home, hotel, restaurant, bar, office and others. In collaboration with famous designers we design and execute individual projects with high technical complexity.


"Fire Lux" presents at the Bulgarian market a new type of fireplaces, complying with latest trends - biofireplaces on bioethanol. They are functional, fit any environment and it's safe and easy to use.

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"Fire Lux" is an innovative solution for enjoying the pleasant sensation of a fireplace in eco-friendly ambience, without a chimney, solid fuel, smoke and ash. Fire Lux fireplaces burn ethanol, a form of renewable energy from agricultural sources such as corn and wheat crops. Fire Lux fireplaces are stylish, easy to use and can be installed in every room, including outdoor spaces.

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new generation

  • Real fire
  • Smoleless
  • No need of chimney
  • Bioethanol
  • Safe & easy to use
no soot, no smoke, no chimney


large selection of form and design

  • Blending with the ambience
  • Quality materials
  • Functional


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