frequently asked qustions

Why should I choose "Fire Lux" over the standart fireplaces?

  • No chimney
  • No soot
  • No smoke/fume
  • No ash
  • No wood
  • Mobile (it can be moved around)
  • Easy to use
  • Modern design

Is the liquid fuel safe for people?

  • Bioethanol is a fuel based on triple destilated plant alcohol.
  • Renewable energy source.
  • Harmless for people and the environment.
  • While burning it doesn't produce ash, smoke and odor.
  • Burning creates only water vapor and carbon dioxide in the ratio and composition similar to those contained the air exhaled by people.
  • 40% higher combustion efficiency compared to wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Heat from the combustion of 1 liter Fire Lux: 5,6 kW/h.

What are the harmfull emissions from the combustion of bioethanol?

While burning vapor and carbon dioxide is released as every living fire - two natural substances that we are constantly inhaling and exhaling. The combustion of 1 liter ethanol releases carbon dioxide equal to the amount released during the burning of two medium candles.

What is bioethanol?

Easy to use and affordable, bio-ethanol is an alternative energy source, which popularity has grown rapidly in recent years. It is yield from cellulosic biomass - wheat, millet, corn, cane. Its slow burning makes it extremely effective in terms of the family budget. The fuel is poured into the combustion chamber as we recommend using a funnel.

How does the biofireplace work?

The combustion chamber is filled no more than three quarters of its volume with ethanol.


It is ignited with appropriate long lighter or match. It is recommended that while igniting the fireplace you stand aside and not before it.

Note: it takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach optimum temperature and for the combustion flame to be most effective.


To put out the flame use the extinguisher or close the combustion chamber with the additional metal device. Do not attempt to to extinguish with blowing. This will further inflame the flame.


Depending on the combustion chamber, the flame can be adjusted.

What does the "Fire Lux" fireplaces provide?

1 liter bioethanol releases 7,16 Kw of heat. At an average cost of bioethanol from 0,5 liters/h, that means 3,58 Kw heat per hour. For comparison: while using of electric radiator or air conditioner, heat dissipation is between 1 Kw and 3 Kw.

Can the "Fire Lux" biofireplaces be used outdoors?

Yes, there are models appropriate for outdoor use.

Does "Fire Lux" give warranty for its products?

Yes, "Fire Lux" gives 12 months warranty for it's products.

Can I adjust the size of the flame?

Yes, depending on the model the size of the flame can be regulated.

Are the "Fire Lux" products safe for children and pets?

The main condition is to protect children and pets from contact with the heated metal surface when the fireplace is at high temperature because it can cause burns.


For this purpose some models have safety tempered glass which prevents burning.

How to extinguish the fire?

All products of "Fire Lux" are offered with a special additive which when you desired you can extinguish the flame with by placing on top.

How long can I use the "Fire Lux" products?

There is no limit to the period during which you can use the products of "Fire Lux". They are made from high quality materials. The company offers 2 years warranty for its products.

In the case of building a product into a wall do I need any insulation?

It is enough for the walls of the niche where the fireplace will be built to be made of sheet metal or metal surface.

How is it possible that there is no need for a chimney?

Bioethanol is a product that when burning releases only carbon dioxide and water.

Is there a risk for the safety glass to crack when subjected to longer heating?

No, because the "Fire Lux" glass panes are tempered to withstand very high temperature.

Is it true that while the biofireplace is burning it doesn't emit any smoke?

Yes, this is true.

Is it possible for an individual project to be made?

Yes, it is to possible for an individual project to be made, just contact one of our representatives and discuss your idea.

What should I never do?